first_imgFor all the results and tables for all divisons go to the TFA SPORTINGPULSE WEBSITEDay one of the 2007 NTL provided action-packed touch football, highlighted by the final game between the Sharks and Cobras in the Mens Open division. The match began with a number of unforced errors, with both sides turning the ball over, before trading touch-downs. The Cobras went two ahead to lead 4-2 at the end of the half. The match heated up with Sharks player an New Zealand Men’s Open Captain Troy Skinner verbally encouraging his team. As the intesity between the players increased, the Sharks lifted, to maintain their lead, taking the match 8-6.In a battle of the cross-town permits, the Sharks took the day 3-1 with victories over the Cobras in the Womens 20s 4-2 and Mixed Open 13-5, with the Cobras victory coming in the Open Womens 6-5, with a stand out performance from Kelly Woods. In the Mixed Open, the Sydney Mets vying for their sixth straight title, have showed they are vulnerable without the “king of mixed” Tony Eltakchi, loosing to the Sharks 10-6. They recovered in the second round, with a comprehensive 10 -6 victory over the Cyclones.9amWomens 20s: Eagles (4) def Rustlers (3)Womens 20s: Rebels (4) def Mets (3)Mixed Open: Sharks (10) def Mets (6)Mixed Open: Cobras (7) def Suns (4)Mixed Open: Scorpions (8) def Rustlers (2)9.50amWomens 20s:  Hornets (12) def Crusaders (1)Womens 20s: Cobras (6) def ACT (0)Mixed Open: Rebels (10) drew Hornets (10)Mixed Open: Barbarians (8) def Cyclones (6)Womens 20s: Suns (6) def Cyclones (0)11am Opening Ceremony 12pmWomens Open: Sharks (7) def ACT (1)Womens Open: Cobras (13) def Hornets (1)Mens 20s: Mets (6) def Cobras (2)Mens 20s: ACT (8) def Cyclones (7) Mens 20s: Hornets (8) def Crusaders (5)Mens 20s: Rustlers (8) drew Sharks (8)12.50pmWomens Open: Mets (13) def Scorpions (1)Womens Open: Cyclones (8) def Crusaders (1)Mixed Open: Mets (10) def Cyclones (4)Womens Open:  Rustlers (15) def Eagles (3)Womens Open: Barbarians (11) def Rebels (1)Womens 20s: Hornets (11) def ACT (1)1.40pmMens Open: Barbarians (7) def ACT (3)Mens Open: Rustlers (7) def Eagles (3)  Mixed Open: Hornets (8) def Barbarians (3)Womens 20s:  Cobras (5) def Mets (1)Womens 20s: Eagles (5) def Rebels (3)Womens 20s: Suns (3) def Sharks (2)Womens 20s: Cyclones (10) def Crusaders (0)2.30pmMens Open:  Cobras (14) def Hornets (2)Mens Open: Suns (10) def Crusaders (3)Mens Open: Sharks (12) def Cyclones (4)Mens Open: Mets (10) def Rebels (4)Mens 20s: Sharks (6) def Cyclones (4)3.20pmMixed Open: Suns (11) def ACT (1)Mixed Open: Cobras (13) def Rustlers (3)Mixed Open:  Rebels (7) def Scorpions (3)Mens 20s:  Rustlers (4) def Cobras (1)Mens 20s:  Mets (7) def Suns (6)Mens 20s: ACT (5) drew Hornets (5)4.10pmWomens 20s: Suns (11) def ACT (1)Womens 20s: Mets (3) def Crusaders (1)Womens 20s: Rustlers (7) def Rebels (2)Womens Open: Cobras (6) def Sharks (5)Womens Open: Mets (17) def Eagles (1)Womens Open: Rustlers (5) def Crusaders (4)5pmMens Open: Rustlers (5) drew ACT (5)Womens 20s: Sharks (4) def Cobras (2)Womens 20s:  Eagles (5) def Cyclones (2) Womens Open: Suns (14) def Scorpions (1)Womens Open: Rebels (3) def Hornets (0) Womens Open: Barbarians 12 def ACT (2)5.50pmMixed Open: Barbarians (8) def Mets (4)Mixed Open:  Rebels (12) def Cyclones (2)Mixed Open: Hornets (6) def Rustlers (1)Mixed Open: Scorpions (9) def Suns (4)Mens 20s: Mets (11) def Sharks (3)Mens 20s: Rustlers (8) def ACT (4)Mens Open: Hornets (7) def Crusaders (6)6.40pmMens Open: Sharks (8) def Cobras (6)Mens 20s: Cyclones (5) def Crusaders (2) Mens 20s: Suns (8) def Cobras (5)Mens Open: Suns (11) def Cyclones (5)Mens Open: Scorpions (10) def Rebels (7)Mens Open: Mets (9) def Eagles (4)Mixed Open:  Sharks (13) def Cobras (5)last_img

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