Urban Meyer Hit The Trifecta And He’ll Be Fired Because Of It

first_imgA closeup of Urban Meyer during an Ohio State football game.GLENDALE, AZ – JANUARY 01: Head coach Urban Meyer of the Ohio State Buckeyes on the sidelines during the BattleFrog Fiesta Bowl against the Notre Dame Fighting Irish at University of Phoenix Stadium on January 1, 2016 in Glendale, Arizona. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)Urban Meyer was placed on paid administrative leave on Wednesday, and many believe his time at Ohio State could be up. The school’s decision came on the heels of a report from former ESPN reporter Brett McMurphy, which suggests that Meyer lied when he said he wasn’t aware of 2015 domestic violence allegations against his wide receivers coach Zach Smith.At this point, it’s hard to see Ohio State finding a way to reinstate Meyer. That said, many are finding it hard to understand just how we got here. Let me explain.If McMurphy is right, and Meyer knew about the 2015 allegations, then the Ohio State head coach hit the trifecta – and he will be fired.It’s just a matter of time.1. The case involves alleged domestic violence, which is one of the hot-button topics in our country (and in sports the past few years.) The Ray Rice case is probably the most infamous, but there have been numerous since. It doesn’t matter that this case doesn’t involve a student.2. If McMurphy is right, and Meyer knew about the 2015 allegations, then he’ll be looked at – fair or not – as someone who enabled the behavior to continue. If Zach Smith, one of his assistant coaches, was abusing his wife and Meyer knew about it – it’s a terrible look. It’s also a potential Title IX issue. How has it worked out for other head coaches who enabled abuse in their programs?3. If McMurphy is right, then Meyer lied. This, to be honest, is probably the biggest sin of all – at least in the public’s eyes. If Meyer lied to reporters when he said he didn’t know of the 2015 allegations, it’s hard to take him seriously on anything else he says. It would also make it clear that he is willing to cover up for an assistant coach while a woman is being physically abused. The public won’t forgive that.Danny Kanell summed it up well on Wednesday.Urban Meyer may have committed the cardinal sin. Our society is very forgiving if you own up and apologize. But lying and not accepting ANY responsibility is the worst thing one can do. Now Ohio State has a tough decision to make because of it.— Danny Kanell (@dannykanell) August 1, 2018Assuming McMurphy is right, Meyer probably could have avoided this is if he’d simply told the truth last week. After all, why would Meyer have fired Zach Smith last week if there wasn’t something to fire him for? He already admitted they knew about the 2009 incident.It’s going to be an interesting few days in Columbus, but don’t be shocked if/when Meyer is gone. It’s hard to see any other scenario playing out.last_img read more