5 you love Shanghai to save money and time skills

The first step:

add keywords window, Xu boss can manually input the keywords, such as "professional makeup", also can through the right keywords is recommended to get recommended keywords, add good keywords, select "new and creative", and click "save", enter the new creative window:

phoenix nest. "

! The new

fifth, Xu in "new ideas" window according to the boss, the creative added keyword editor, click "OK", after the completion of a complete set of promotion plan has been completed



the second step, through the "new program" click, a pop-up window suspended. Here, you can set the boss Xu promotional products industry, cosmetics industry, and then the new promotion plan is set according to the needs of his creative show is "preferred" or "alternate" (decided by Xu boss advertising style), promotion of regional (select products suitable for the development of the region and whether to participate in the network alliance) promotion (according to the budget, choose "participation" or "participation"):

Fourth step

the first step in the promotion of the management promotion plan, click the "new program" button:



if you like Xu boss confused, I believe that you see the operation process, will have the new promotion plan.

third, setup is complete, click "OK and the new unit" button to set the new promotion unit. At this stage, Xu boss can according to the product industry to subdivide the product categories (such as makeup); subsequently, Xu boss according to the budget, make-up products for the cosmetics industry set bids, click "OK and add keywords" button:

product marketing promotion scheme of new boss Xu run a cosmetics company. He often heard friends chat said, what problems can find love Shanghai, love Shanghai, You’ll see. These words aroused the attention of Xu boss, he is currently worrying how to do publicity, so think of love to ask Shanghai. So he "love Shanghai" to find a new nest, through the hotline of the specific circumstances, to become a new customer search promotion ranks. Just contact the promotion platform, Xu boss to complete a product marketing strategy is still very strange, account for the whole set seems difficult — the what kind of products are placed in what category in him? The whole categories in which industry? The rules set is where to start one step is to which step finished product promotion? No confusion, let us from the promotion of management under the "new program" began to answer the doubts of Xu boss.