Network marketing methods suitable for small and medium sized enterprises

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optimization can be said is the most use of a network marketing approach, which is currently the most widely used method for promotion of small owners, because of its advantages of free, beginners often are from the Shanghai dragon began to work out website optimization. The optimization for search engine ranking natural and, although most of the promotion means is free, but it is large and small website ranking sites are not abandoned. But many enterprises to participate in the Shanghai dragon website optimization, often found themselves what are not, the fundamental reason is not linked to their own profits and the Shanghai dragon, often in a pure Shanghai dragon trap can not extricate themselves, for the small and medium enterprises, Shanghai dragon end is around the product, market, transformation is not flow rate, performance,


site advertising is more historic is also one of the more common methods of network marketing, the most common is Banner and Flash on the website advertising, is a traditional way of network promotion. This kind of advertising, publicity targeted broad face, unlike the search for that can lock potential target customers. Web advertising is one of the current domestic Sina, Sohu, NetEase and other large portal main way of profit. General ad in large portal sites, because the price is expensive, the general small and medium-sized enterprises can not bear, but also because of small and medium-sized enterprises economic benefits, the effect is difficult to.

whether emerging Internet Co, or traditional industries, will have a part of the key to promotion and marketing online, with the popularity of the Internet, the small and medium-sized enterprise already cannot do without the network marketing, although most network marketing department is still in the forming stage, the mutual reference and imitation, so in general on the common mode of network marketing for SMEs at present mainly take the core of. The A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic team (贵族宝贝yuehuai贵族宝贝/ Shanghai dragon zhenduan/) and we talk about this problem:


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can be said to participate in the search engine PPC Marketing method is often the most immediate effect, which is currently popular promotion methods of small and medium-sized enterprises of small enterprises, after all, than we poor Adsense money, Shanghai dragon tend to put a lot of manpower and time to do the work, and the result of natural ranking is not immediate. Small and medium-sized enterprises have no patience to wait for Shanghai dragon optimization of time spent by way of bidding for them. But the small and medium-sized enterprise to understand the search engine can quickly bring traffic and not bring money, found in contact with some do the bidding of small enterprises, tend to invest great harvest is very small, do not be bidding service providers have the effect is blinded by the blandishments, to speak according to the actual performance of their investment to optimize the bidding.

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