Taobao customer promotion plan as the core keywords tailored special

guest station is the mainstream, this point in the article also said, for keywords web page content selection, collection, layout optimization, such as the sharing, interested friends can search for Taobao customers to promote program for web content to do keyword layout view. If only a simple list of a bunch of keywords, then there is no plan to add content according to these words, what you do will be difficult to obtain obvious accumulation effect. This article will tell you when to do the content of the website, how to make your site for each article added, is to add a weight to the core keywords, and thus get a good ranking, and thus enhance the entire special keywords in the rankings.

for each core keywords tailored to a domain

core keywords is a special name for each project to do a two level domain name, then carries on the description to describe the scalability and readability. Scalability is in which to insert keywords, can split out the combination of more relevant keywords. Because the search engine is very important for here, the topic description can increase the number of power for your ranking. Project description in addition to a possible expansion, also cannot lack readability. If you can get out of order description, even if good rankings, you will also lose a lot of hits, the best to attract users to click at the end to add content, so the effect will be better. Describe the special words of not more than 80 words more than 80 words, also does not show up, how to write, we should consider the good.

written on the topic of the page description

according to the product features of the site, with reference to love Shanghai heat index, select a number of core keywords. For these core keywords, we should like to do a small site to treat them. A two level domain name for each core keywords, on the topic of the page layout optimization, in ensuring the user experience under the condition of minimizing the picture and flash to search engine friendly things appear in the special page range.


each of the core keywords, can dig out a lot of the long tail word. So these long tail word that we add content to the topic basis. The long tail word, collect the content on the Internet, and then organized into pseudo original, each page of the keyword distribution optimization. As for how to optimize, I mentioned in the previous article, you can look at the. Now that love Shanghai within the chain of the site more attention, it is recommended that you insert the best point to home page "link in the content". The author concluded that the same kind of web pages in all aspects, win situation factors under the same topic, the content page weight more higher, the core keywords and long tail word pages have very good rankings, and contrast down, the effect is very obvious! > webmaster circles popular with 1 >

is special to add as much content,

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