An example of simple pictures website optimization techniques

when I took over the site, the basic framework of the website has been clear, such as logo, banner, and other related columns has been drawn up and upload, in short, optimization of the construction site and I have nothing to do, what I do now is to upload pictures, pictures and Title optimization.

optimization page description


from 2012 to take over the site optimization customers, picture content website gradually occupy the most. From the perspective of website optimization, search engine recognition ability of images is limited, it is difficult to grasp the image content, on the other hand, the picture content of the browser is a burden, the effect is good, clear picture of the page buffer time is long, the user may lose patience. Although the Shanghai dragon owners eager to optimize some text website, but the customer products demand more and more awareness, only to comply with the requirements of customers. I now receive a business shops website, customers are set to promote the product, recommended products, product display, product display three picture column, can be said to occupy a space station. We talk about how to optimize the personal picture based enterprise shop website:

page title, content search engine on the title very seriously, given a certain weight from the web page title; on the other hand, the page title also give users the first visual sense, which depends on whether to get more traffic from search engines. Network information repeatability is very strong, as the picture station there are also many similar content, in order to give a precise description of the need to consider the images from various angles, which will undoubtedly bring trouble to write the page title, as everyone knows, similar to the content of the search engine that is not friendly, but the relative content of page images it is relatively small, it is easy to tell the search engine for repetitive content. Many solutions, first increasing adjectives, such as wall cleaning and wall cleaning service. Secondly, for some long tail keywords, distribution box distribution box can be modified for maintenance; finally, similar products with the type to distinguish the product or use the alias. This would solve the title again, expand the coverage of key words.

observed a lot of picture stand, picture the specific page text content is not many, so the search engine can crawl content is not much, it can better reflect the importance of page description, the page description is shown in the picture below two to three lines of text, its mission is to tell the search engine and search the user page that is what. For a description of the requirements: must be short and precise, embedded keywords just perfect description of strong product descriptions, and can attract the attention of customers. This put forward higher requirements on the optimization of personnel: familiar with the characteristics of the product, I understand the sales knowledge. To attract the attention of customers and improve the conversion rate to >

optimization page titleIt is self-evident importance of the


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