Cause analysis of site is down right and the specific performance

1, site is no longer the first domain home page, or even can not find your site in the search results.

because the site keywords ranking off, website traffic is gone, so in the Internet community, hard to pay for is not certain to be happy ‘sweet’, often there will be some bitterness, so the cause of the two gap mainly lies on the understanding of the industry is not very deep in Shanghai, Dragon Master knowledge is not comprehensive, although it is not difficult to do the Shanghai dragon ranking, but also have a lot of Shanghai dragon skills of things worth mastering.

3, the website included a large number of reducing

for many Shanghai dragon friends or just in the long line of Shanghai dragon friends, the site was search engine punishment is homely food thing, but for the novice is a very painful thing, no matter you are not being punished for cheating, it will be very sad.

for the website when problems arise, as a ER in Shanghai Longfeng should keep quiet, first analyze the website operation is not a problem, and then determine the site belongs to what kind of punishment, according to the different types to make reasonable scheme of restoration. (this should be the Shanghai dragon Er bear attack ability test)


for the site to be punished so what kind of performance?

website appears a lot of decline (if only the main keywords decline; the other long tail word did not decline, then can be neglected) may be cited because of problems in database search, over time may be restored.

site has been punished several common reasons is what? "

many friends came right by K when asked why always ask around on the site, a large number of online search articles, but I still don’t know why, ask: why your website drop right do not know in that? How to restore? Of course, I do not write this article right down the website allows you to quickly recover, if you want to see the method of fast operation, may let you down, following into the subject.

2, a large number of keywords fell

can query their own included in the Webmaster Platform, if included substantial reduction, (here refers to the quantity of the collected before reduction) of course reduced by about 10% it is normal.

according to the above mentioned in article three contains substantial punishment punishment and punishment of two kinds of small range.

Then the

this is the case for the new station is unlikely, but this is not absolute, there should be a concrete analysis of concrete problems, may be the weight of your site isn’t enough; but if is old station, this situation will be paid special attention to site, if no results, so be sure to say the site was K.