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for some of the webmaster may be cheap or the website is not enough money, so they choose the price more attractive server. Although the price of these services seem more temptation, but no long-term guarantee. I had encountered this problem. I remember at that time is also cheap to buy a foreign space, the space is closed without warning, I even have no time to backup site data, the regret ah. The server is not stable but also very easy to engine search engine punishment, imagine if the server downtime or every two or three days, access speed is very slow, the search engine will see how you end your site without being punished, this is very unjust.


three: use keyword anchor text content distribution and the spread of

site is search engine merciless punishment, believe that many webmaster met. The general search engine will punish those who use formal optimization techniques (black hat) the optimization of the site in the search engine in the world, we must follow the rules. But sometimes we use search engine optimization technology to optimize the site when formal, or likely to be punished, it is undeserved, the author in this paper will mainly analyze several because of their lack of cognitive engine search engine punishment. For those who want to behave but still being punished site help.


connection is webmaster do optimization of an essential strategy, if the quality Links is good, can on the site can do a very good role in promoting. But we can not because of too obsessed with the friendship connection, as some novice might just start will increase the number of Links in a short period of time, although the link exchange is not wrong, but the search engine may accuse you, when you use the purchase link technology of black hat technology, and then with you heartess there is a penalty, we exchange the Links use black hat techniques after being punished, because you have a link to this site, search engine will accuse you of its partner, eventually even punished you. I have encountered such a situation, the author of the site for several days the snapshot is not updated, but included is normal, because the site is manual original content, the author examined many aspects, finally found in a chain which actually has a "rat shit", this site will be search engine punishment. And because of its snapshot and included all have no, I quickly deleted the connection, then the site in a few days the snapshot was finally restored, I found it was lucky that this problem in search engine punishment, then also said to myself not just friendship connection, or to the end only when you suckers.


for a lot of the upper hand, spindle key is optimized, the use of the anchor text is very important and so on.

two: because the chain is involved in

: the search engine punishment causes injustice server