The search engine to see who would blame the first weakness


intelligent mobile phone users to find some services, reasons not to rely on the past search engine. In fact, this is very good understanding, in the search engine search entrance era who master who can people must rely on the Lord it over others, the search engine to obtain knowledge and service. In a foreign country created Google, at home early to love Shanghai led the search engine service providers, such as Sogou, 360 and three of the world’s love of Shanghai. However, the advent of the mobile terminal, which is in the era of pushing people to change the ways of thinking, people in social development in science and technology to show the great role. Convenient, convenient way can include everything, this is the mobile terminal to the people in the way of change on the search charm show. Then, the search engine in this round in the era of change, gradually behind the mobile terminal will be not at all surprising, what caused the search engine began to go downhill.

the past ten years, Chinese appeared very big change is to catch up with the Internet era, the Internet can be said that this is not China native things, but to change China social development is very obvious. For example, before we are still functional machine, while still looking at the black and white TV have been very happy, but now the intelligent mobile phone, intelligent equipment has been out of our sight, it is used to appear in the us. The progress of science and technology, bring us benefits, they do not have to say, compared to a lot of people can see easily. Therefore, science and technology to promote the progress of the times, people gradually entered the era of intelligence, is no longer stay in the era of search.

did not have the money and capital, good ideas can not be achieved, always stay on paper. This is why good things are in the capital for the first. For example, take our common food and O2OAPP as an example, when people see the food and beverage industry >

This is why

in Sina technology today inadvertently saw an article that what a mobile terminal has at the time of finding the service, half will no longer use the search engine of the article, it had not aroused our vigilance, and for small users, change is the only search habits on the surface. People used to search engine web search, especially for mobile phone in the end to find something through APP or the client needs a slow conversion process, can know more services, such as movie tickets, before we are in a cinema or on the computer to search the website for booking, if we need booking in the cinema take some things to booking; easily need fraud in the online booking. Now, we only need to download a more reliable APP such as hungry, love and beauty group, Shanghai APP, you can easily fix such things. Don’t need to search through this step to achieve their desire to buy shares.

1, the progress of science and technology, and constantly promote social progress

2, the intervention of the capital, expand people thinking