Shanghai dragon VP ranking analysis of the subversion of the traditional Shanghai Longfeng optimiza

first H tag, H1 tag technique is similar with the ZAC blog, the title and description, in addition to Shanghai dragon VIP using blue and red word. H2 label guide Shanghai dragon training related content, of course, the webpage code and standard, because I in this area belongs to the low level, do not do too much comment.

: key chain, or the chain! Robin low-key chain said the Shanghai dragon VIP is not much, do you believe? Don’t tell me that you use the domain command to query, also don’t use Shanghai Longfeng internal tools, chain and even love Shanghai official query >

second, site title. If you paid attention to this website, you will find the title and update the website today, is not to subvert the Shanghai dragon principle you? Who says website title to modify the carefully? As Robin frequently updated website title intention geometry, Shanghai dragon blog don’t want much of the speculation and evaluation. In addition since yesterday Shanghai dragon VIP website joined the update mechanism of traditional.

in Shanghai Longfeng industry about a year and a half, since ideas are the main push overall site optimization, and the optimization is the key. Since June Shanghai love search engine algorithm adjusted several times, I am in Shanghai dragon and Phoenix have small change. Especially Robin Shanghai dragon VIP site quickly reached the popular keyword ranking, once again let me have more thinking for the Shanghai dragon search engine optimization.

even love Shanghai official statement is only for reference, not to mention the so-called Shanghai dragon expert statements of a school. Shanghai Longfeng test is not only your technology, more is the reverse thinking and innovation ability of you, if you didn’t think so, so please change. "In cash at the end of the article mentioned Shanghai Dragon technology team report before the word good ranking" Shanghai dragon VIP: mentioned in this article is Fuqing Shanghai Dragon technology team, does not represent the mode. You can put forward different views are discussed, but please don’t interpret out of context! By the way: Chinaz two on the Shanghai Longfeng VIP rankings analysis, Shanghai Dragon technology team is feeling that are surface or inside the Robin open, as everyone knows, the other nothing

and then look at the website keyword density, the keyword density in Shanghai dragon 10%, Shanghai dragon training on the surface seems to have only 1.4%, but do you remember the relevant keywords ranking factors also influence? This is the high quality articles written with no trace of the natural Shanghai dragon style.


or Robin from Shanghai dragon VIP website content page layout to speak here, to worship Robin, every time the site is a model, at least let people look very comfortable. From the analysis of Shanghai and the Shanghai dragon dragon based technology, Robin control measures.