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let the story from the beginning of demand and user: what is the biggest feature of public users search needs today? There is no doubt that the answer is "fuzzy". For example: a user search "Brad Pitt’s wife", only through these words you can’t judge what he is looking for is Angelina Julie, and his ex-wife Aniston ·.


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to look for the "blue ocean" first to know where the boundaries of the "Red Sea". You can still fantasy and noble love baby, Shanghai confrontation entrepreneurs should be wary of this boundary. This is not the problem. Even if both of them have the algorithm you overnight, you even go to the beach the chance is very small. This is a money and build a hardware barrier: in order to support you every day that a few clicks, the two companies need electricity are enough for more than a dozen giant city.

and a more self subversion problem, what is the biggest characteristic of the user’s search? Answer: a group of "inattention" of the people. The future is committed to the search industry first class students will learn this hypothesis. Not much to explain, illustrated by a case: as the trapeze fans, you enter the keyword "Jordan", the love out of the sea, the graceful curve of sexy "three Jordan", will you stamp to? This is not what is lax attention to


"and a group of easily distracted, summed up clear their own needs of users and information needs were finally modern statistics and computing science entrepreneurs capture, the birth of today’s most gold, highly exclusive IT business – search.

earlier some fancy search engine users always want to play, to prove his intelligence — such as China and Daily, even by Clinton recommended by Accoona has been trying to guess the user keywords behind demand, the company does not go out. Just look at the case of Peter can deny this pattern. The user does not know how to define a Query, how can you know

red sea boundary

recently to one official comment on the Internet search company, Ali search quietly arouse attention; the lack of expertise and well versed in industry. Some banter on the sidelines. Double perspective station in technology and business of the observer, I always want to talk the author search market business opportunities, our thoughts and vision of the blue ocean where on earth? Love Shanghai, 360, Sogou, 0, Pangu, Ali and one or two search is not convenient for us to call but is very good entrepreneurs, they who is on the right path?