How to solve the problems included no ranking

solution to the problem

Of course, this is also the author of

has despised the acquisition or reproduced people do not cherish the fruits of labor of others. However, this is inevitable, the world is a copy, we did not own the copyright. Therefore there is no copyright problem what. You can only silently.


I suggest that when we write articles to be clear that I wanted to write what those words as keywords. So in the process of writing to the vocabulary while maintaining readability. Shanghai love is not a trash can, what can put it in the garbage. Therefore, the readability is very important, this is to play the role included. But can get a good show to see yourself in the title of the article.

love Shanghai Look at the

we all know the love is not love Shanghai pseudo original content, the love of Shanghai is not exactly the original or false original to how to judge? According to the author of his learned, Shanghai love machine system to determine whether the original page or these articles are from the article content depending on the font on the page to go through after the calculated noise. Remember ZAC once said, love Shanghai judge this is false original and correlation methods rely on denoising, and then organize various vocabulary page to determine the frequency of. The higher frequency words usually will be the default for the keywords of the page, and have high similarity. So when the search ranking is likely to be in the front row is provided to the user access.

page weight factors

just accidentally on the A5 to see the article. I saw someone said the article have included no ranking problem, this problem I think a lot of Shanghai dragon Er often encountered such a problem, but is unable to control, including the author also encountered a similar problem. But I don’t think this is what website frame, the title of the acquaintance have much relationship. So I just want to own the views of these issues to express their views.

as a Shanghai dragon Er even beginners should know what it means to the weight of a page. Usually the higher the weight of the website is very fast, the ranking will be better. Therefore the weighting factor page also contributed to the cause of the rankings after the article included. For example, one of our most common problems. We have a new station, on his website updated original content after a day, just by their acquisition or transfer to such a situation. Perhaps your website articles have not yet been love Shanghai included, instead of being reproduced in the past have included and have very good rankings. A situation like this. I think I do not have to say, we all know the weight factors caused the problem. On such a situation, even if you also included, I want to love the character in Shanghai unless the relevance of the article is very few, otherwise you can’t get a good opportunity to show the.

algorithm to determine

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