Talk about Chinese URL is conducive to the website of Shanghai Dragon

, through the two search results, what have you found? About the following points:

many people tend to love Shanghai search engine, can say that Shanghai is the main gate of domestic webmaster to get traffic sources. Today is mainly to love Shanghai search engine Chinese URL Shanghai dragon friendly degree thing. Do webmaster friends must know for a long time, love of Shanghai Chinese URL or the form of garbage in 09 years, and that’s when I remember the love Shanghai encoding or GBK, later changed to UTF-8 encoding, and in the subsequent period of time, love is the support for Shanghai to modify the UTF-8 Chinese URL, and love Shanghai now can be the perfect support for UTF8 encoding and URL display of normal Chinese Chinese.

I love Shanghai in the search engine search keywords [] dress, although many websites are still in use pinyin or English as URL, but the search is very smooth, in the love of Shanghai second page search to Tmall dress column, as shown in figure

2, in view of the snapshot, Chinese URL are compiled garbled, reach the target page when clicked will appear 404 errors, but does not affect the recognition of this Chinese URL love Shanghai. The reason, I think, in recognition of Chinese URL, love Shanghai or other search engines have their own set of encoding and decoding methods, and can correct encoding and decoding. What we need is in your own website construction program, using the correct function or method to output Chinese URL, other things to search engine to handle on the line.

3, URL Chinese well loved Shanghai snapshot provided grab, and can improve the keyword density in a web page.

1, Shanghai love can be the perfect support and correct encoding Chinese URL;

This column of Tmall’s

in URL uses such as keywords in the form of.Html, and can be used for search engine recognition love Shanghai. If this does not explain what, then we look at the following search results, as illustrated below:

On the one hand,


The following should be almost entered the

search information on the Internet, found that many articles are written earlier, also write more shallow, the search results are not so much, no further discusses the real theme Chinese URL is conducive to the lag of Shanghai dragon. Crazy Bird spent some time today, a detailed introduction. If there is on the master, pointing out is also welcome.

> How about

. The author found that after testing, promote the optimization of the URL keyword Chinese website ranking.

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