Shanghai dragon orders knowledge we need to reserve

Hello, I am Chen Nian, today to share with you here in Shanghai. Some of the problems encountered in the unilateral dragon. I do in Shanghai Longfeng service company has almost half the time, in the meantime encountered a lot of customers, it is all sorts of strange things, all kinds of wonderful, I concluded that Shanghai Longfeng orders do not reluctantly, not just customers, certainly not just yourself. Because meet orders after the problem is far more than you think. Shanghai dragon is now a popular network marketing, we should not for the "money" and compromise! After all Shanghai dragon is to depend on the solid to do it. Well, nonsense not say, here we summarize some of Shanghai Longfeng pick should pay attention to some problems in the process of single.

I in Shanghai Longfeng service company for half a year time there is a great feeling, is the Shanghai dragon price really is the price of cabbage, lined up some competitive reasons, I personally feel that our employees are not reserved. No matter is the service company to talk about a single staff or individual stationmaster orders! For the performance, in order to money, what kind of customers are, how much money will be next, this will only cause a vicious spiral. We can think of it, now do optimization, even a very simple words but also we need to pay a certain amount of time and effort to achieve the desired effect. Any optimization is not a short duration of time. So if you just want a taste of the growth performance and placed on the number of words, then finally exhausted is our own, but also to customers to effect. This time we need to find in some high-end high-end customers, is not to say that the money is big, here refers to not care about you more money, would look at the optimization effect, and give you the optimization time and full funding, so the customer will be beneficial to the development of the company, for those who do not care about the optimization policy only know for lower prices for customers, after the company launched a number of value-added services will be the obstacles, they will think it is expensive, it is expensive, we would rather not blindly with the question of money customers.

here I want to say, pocket money is not good because of the customer, will not care about you money, but for some wealthy clients, that gives us money, we will pay them, let them to yell at them. If customers do not understand our work, so the list next post will also problematic.

third: advice on the site

second: pocket money is not the customer

: the first Shanghai Longfeng cabbage price we need? "Reserved"

we may encounter this customer, early in the construction site, ask the customer need to do what kind of template, which features, customers most likely to say "no", indifferent to it really, the key is the site once you do it, or when the optimization is done, then add customer requirements the point of the. This website is not very good.

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