About love Shanghai search results page second head related search analysis


1, guide users to search, protect the brand

search results


love Shanghai will make the long tail word competition, as we all know, the optimization of the long tail word will be relatively simple, mainly for the long tail word station is a good signal, because the station never spend too much time in the long tail word optimization, then. The opportunity to come, the adjustment of love of Shanghai might slow the outbreak of "often" little webmaster mood.

, 2 and 360 separate

1, improve the user experience of

find love Shanghai page second head is intercepted before the three tail, to a certain extent, but will "make an unnecessary move" is related to the search on the head, it will lead to a certain extent, turn to page second of the users, for example, when you search for "return", the second page is not the official website and its many return web site, at this time, when the user clicks on the search will greatly reduce the possibility of users into the "non official website".

3B war surface has been stabilized, 360 comprehensive search has been firmly occupy 8% of the market, but also love Shanghai from the original 80% down to about 74%. In fact, in the 3B war, love Shanghai and Shanghai have not been idle, love has made many improvements to its search results, such as the bear flag, and jump search results of URL, the purpose is very clear, the following three aspects:

maximum flow more opportunities to small websitesThis is bound to adjust the


3, to prevent the 360 search "copy" love Shanghai


above is a personal view, welcome to discuss. If you don’t start paying attention to the long tail keywords related to search, so what are you waiting for? Hurry! The Shanghai dragon learning network >

2, improve the user experience of The

I think love Shanghai this change are as follows:

and the original bottom search, just select the point related search transverse the first three, as shown below:

recently, love Shanghai very low-key products to make some changes in Shanghai love search results page second head add the relevant search, as shown in the following figure (return to search network for example):

as the first point, the search results page second is not many users want, that is to say love second pages of Shanghai did not search the first page that meet the needs of users, so when the user reaches this page, love Shanghai moderate to guide its search for the other relevant keywords, so that users get more accurate information.

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