believed in Shanghai Longfeng novices

I remember two years ago, with many graduates, confused and helpless, looking for direction hit the east or west, a boy in a company, not contact network promotion things: for example, QQ promotion, blog promotion, slowly will be aware, in these behind a more interesting a noun is search engine optimization in Shanghai dragon.

, Shanghai dragon is very complicated, such as the Shanghai sex promotion, a site to get good rankings, good flow, it relates to the factors affecting as many as 200. On the other hand, I also want to say, it is very delicate, very cute. When you run your website, hope is a better user experience, rather than simply refer to that rank, many unexpected results will make you feel happy. Of course, the noble baby, or the other is the same reason.

just entered this line, how many times to give up, when to the longer will be more tangled. Will find a lot of things you want to do is not to be able to. So now for two years, I insisted on coming. So here I want to give some of my Shanghai Longfeng novices keenly aware of.

second, regardless of sex or Shanghai or other Google, will the user experience as the dominant direction (to Shanghai dragon soul).

when there is abnormal curiosity about Shanghai dragon, feel very unbelievable. Two years ago, especially love Shanghai is relatively easy to do, as long as you take a bit of time, a little promotion of little knowledge, it is easy to see the effect, this feeling will make you more want to study its desire.

fourth, innovative thinking, bold vision, immediately.

third, Shanghai dragon related forums, update their knowledge, learn from others.

I am very optimistic about the industry, the Internet era, we cannot do without Shanghai dragon, in Internet innovation forward, Shanghai dragon has been with the new. This is what we do for Shanghai Longfeng personnel need mission, the market forever. To walk from the plane, from the walk to the subway, from 51 to WeChat, from the mall to taobao贵族宝贝, from the Internet to the mobile Internet, the world is more and more small, Shanghai Longfeng everywhere.

first, insist, must insist on doing down.

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