Novice sharing ZBLOG asp2 2 optimization techniques for total broadcasting


ZBLOG for some friends may be less familiar with the ZBLOG is based on the open source program in a blog. His WordPress, DZ, phpwind and the like, is a kind of website construction in the system. Dongguan Shanghai dragon -AJ blog to share with you today is to optimize the technique of ZBLOG asp2.2. ZBLOG asp2.2 is the last ASP the program ZBLOG ZBLOG ASP is the perfect program in a construction site. If you are using WordPress, DZ, phpwind these programs, you can refer to. After all, many optimization functions are common.


1. – the site leased space premise must support the rewriteII component, rewriteII component is the premise of ZBLOG pseudo static settings.

two, an important ZBLOG plugin for

360Ping now has not released official


three, commonly used to code


3.CustomMeta- article page. As long as the modified code template can be added to single.html.

3. click "create httpd.ini" button, the system will automatically generate a httpd.ini file in the root directory of the site under the. This is the website to achieve pseudo static.

TAG tags optimization artifact


Ping address: 贵族宝贝blogsearch. noble baby贵族宝贝/ping/RPC2

2. set static management center – enter the site settings, select the "static management center" in specific settings, like this:

1.sitemap- the sitemap plugin after use, it can automatically generate a sitemap.xml and a sitemap_wap.xml in the root of the site, and then build a robots.txt file in the root directory, the use of specific methods to view this article. "I robots protocol written by rookie to master advanced".

2.Ping Center – several address:

Create a httpd.ini- optimization address

ZBLOG, a global pseudo static configuration method

love Shanghai Ping address: 贵族宝贝ping.baidu贵族宝贝/ping/RPC2

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