Taobao guest website traffic Commission with new tacticsNews syndication start up Prismatic financin

through the propaganda website has the flow ancient Amoy nets temporarily only 200IP/ days of traffic, then how to change traffic for Taobao guest Commission, I also according to my own website characteristics analysis summary. First of all, my website is mainly to release some fashion magazines and other articles compatible with Taobao promotion program, that is to say, there is a post management background and a Taobao promotion background. Secondly, the article management system is borrowed from others, and Taobao guest promotion program is to do it yourself. Finally, how to add articles to Taobao products in the article management system is becoming a problem.

also said that Prismatic plans to break through news content and move into new areas of convergence, including music, entertainment, media, events, and even retail products.

Taobao guest website, first need to ensure that the site traffic, the traffic on the site where? Some novice will choose to spend money to buy, but this traffic to have effect? Just a trick of self deception, or try not to good. New station traffic or have to rely on publicity and other formal way to get, such as BBS more post, on the Admin5 and other web sites, send soft text is a good choice. Because I was a part-time, do not have a good literary talent, the forum posts is not the bottom is removed, so it does not continue to do so. I now is mainly through the Admin5 website feeble Wen to promote my site.

news aggregator Prismatic has heard of Prismatic? We haven’t heard it until yesterday. But the company founder of Bradford · Claus Bradford Cross kept around his company promotion. Recently, they just from Yuri ·, Milner Yuri Milner and Accel partner Jim ·, Breye Jim Breyer these two venture capitalists who got $15 million financing.

, the team received about $1 million 200 thousand in seed investment about a year and a half ago. With this money, they have developed a iPhone application and a web site for core services, dedicated to finding, reading, sharing, recommending and maintaining various web news. The app also has some basic social features. For example, you can focus on the flow of articles from other users.

now do Taobao guest website is more and more, there are new hot, such as Youku, thunder and other well-known websites, there are grassroots ancient scouring nets and other websites. I am a grassroots webmaster, the main thing is to do Taobao customers, engaged in less than a few months, commissions are basically not earned much, the site traffic is mainly due to sh419 and other search engines there. But I still have my own opinions and ideas about Taobao’s commission.

Prismatic is a news aggregation application. On the face of it, it is similar to Flipboard or Circa, or a well groomed Digg or StumblrUpon or Reddit. But what kind of features did it gain from the big investors?

use this plugin can make a very good Taobao promotion of goods with the content are combined in the page, and to ensure a permanent and effective promotion, simplified Taobao promotion, the most important thing is to effectively improve website traffic into the Taobao passenger commission ratio, light off Taobao earn commissions. The ability of friends can also study their own, welcome to login message section into

Claus values design very much. He hopes to integrate the new generation of visual aesthetics with excellent interactive design, but has encountered many difficulties, so it is necessary to recruit talents to solve these problems.

he believes that although the mobile reader in the field of design and experience has made great progress, but in scale, interactive and user retention ability did not show the level of the mainstream content channels. "I don’t think the existing news aggregator or mobile reader model will last long, because social, participation, layout and navigation patterns are still a long way from what they are in a few years’ time." He said.

says one of the big differences in Prismatic is that it has more stamina than its competitors.


talked about income prospects, and Claus said, "Prismatic understands you better and your interests better than anyone else.". So, when you come here to find the relevant media content, local activities and interest points, we have a unique advantage. Users will be able to buy things from us in the future, including applications and concert tickets

if manually add Taobao promotion products, not only tedious work, but also the promotion of goods will expire after a period of time, less than once the promotion of permanent effective. "According to web keyword intelligent promotion Taobao commodity" idea also emerge. Through research, it is found that this function is entirely possible, using the js+asp in conjunction with the way it is used. Use the JS program to get the keyword of the web page and pass the parameters to the ASP Taobao commodity generation program, and then return the generated result to JS, so that a call is finished. And make calls with the shlf1314 plug-ins and other advertising code completely similar, only required in the web site to add plugin code can be used normally, so the static and dynamic encoding support all the web pages etc..

Prismatic will use the latest funding to hire a large number of designers, engineers, and machine learning experts. Their San Francisco office currently employs 28 people.

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