Mao Hongliang the latest research results of website optimization

: the first website ranking and weight and how much the chain relation. That is to say, the more powerful your chain, may not have a chain of low rank high station. That is to say, the chain and site rankings without any relationship, not the more the chain website weight high! Many webmaster see their website ranking is low, regardless of personal danger find people outside the chain, a month can put the chain to be 10000, in fact you rank high site test not? The ranking is industry: the word "home appliance maintenance network". Don’t believe you can test.

fourth station is not more, more high ranking. We observed many enterprise stand, hospitals, and the Shanghai dragon. The inside pages of their website, a lot of chain. Everywhere is the anchor link, an eye can see is the internal optimization of Shanghai Longfeng specially made by hand, but the effect is just passable, yet others don’t make optimization ranking high. For example, of course I said and not take down the right site. The site is required to optimize the internal and external combination, completes the internal optimization, external optimization is associated with it.

second: love is not the site of Shanghai included 100 thousand traffic on. Shanghai love website included many big traffic is not absolute. Part of the collection of the station can be included hundreds of thousands or even millions, in fact the conversion rate is small. There may be some webmaster have this the same way, fell in love with the sea included tens of thousands of sites in the IP, every 100 or so, really poor. How many webmaster to accelerate the site included, additional independent website program for the site directory, a large number of articles and data replication, a lot of the collection, and later included indeed up, but your keywords are? How much traffic to


webmaster, do you know the old optimization mode before have OUT (obsolete). About old optimization model, I do a lot of site test and data analysis. After 3 months of research and testing, finally obtained some results surprising, now I put it out, I hope to give you the webmaster and Shanghai dragon reference point VR. The following results are of Shanghai dragon love Shanghai search terms, is not valid for Google and other search


fifth: love Shanghai search does not exist big update, small update. In the webmaster, everyone was widely circulated is love >

third: not Links website is K will affect your web site. And K station, not included dead station exchange links have no effect on the website! We had three months of testing, a normal included, in good standing and a home page web site only K exchange. After more than three months later, was standing still is the K K, the normal included rankings still stand is very good, did not have any effect, to remind owners, as soon as possible out of misunderstanding. No more than Links always check their site! But there are high weight Web links you, or have the effect on your web site. For example, Sina, NetEase to link to you.


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