With the analysis of five qualities required for the success of the optimization of personnel to win

port: as the optimization personnel need to have good communication skills

we can see in the word "win" the head is a "dead". This can be understood as optimization personnel in our optimization always need to have a certain sense of crisis. And this is the key to success in competition, so the "dead" on the top. The ancients said: "Dajiangshan easy to keep country is difficult". We are also in the optimization, we will do a hard word home page, if there is no lack of a sense of crisis, that work has been done not need to do any work, so that the results can easily be preempted by other competitors. The author believes that the lack of awareness of optimization tend to be your win breaking.

in today’s society, we found that this is a matter of desire in the extreme expansion, money has become a lot of people life pursuit. In the "win" in the word "Bei" we can explain the real life.

: as the optimization personnel need to have a good time on

optimization personnel need

as the saying goes: "don’t want to be a general is not a good soldier". For anything without a win the heart of the case, it is difficult to complete a job. For us to optimize the personnel is the same. If you do not have a winning idea in the rankings in the competition, there is no incentive to do the optimization of our work. From the "win" the word can also see some qualities required for a successful optimization, today I will "win" the word is split into five parts, one by one analysis as the five qualities required for an optimization personnel.


communication ability is the ability of each industry personnel are required, we can also see from the "win" "mouth" in its core position in, its importance must be self-evident. The importance of our optimization personnel communication ability of higher. We can communicate in the optimization work more often than you more important optimization techniques. We may need to do communication with technical personnel, communicate with our customers to do communication and so on with the boss boss. Only has the good communication ability in order to optimize the process more smooth.

"die": work need to have a sense of crisis

there is an old saying: time is money. This sentence for us to optimize the staff too. As we optimize personnel, we need to have a good time. With the optimization need to spend long time to stand inside or outside the station of a website, how long can we see the optimization effect, the construction of the chain to how to arrange, how much is the optimal amount of. We only have a good sense of time, we set up the optimization task on time to accomplish something in the field, optimization.

The author thinks that Betty: make money in a proper wayThis is a

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