On line with Shanghai Longfeng optimization CMS system which features


in addition to home can give the webmaster full flexibility of the artificial writing text, classification page should also set aside an area, let the webmaster directly write the most appropriate text. In order to achieve the text of this page is the best, increase the user’s click rate.

, the 1 page title customization

The classification of

website now mostly through the CMS system in the production and management, but as a Shanghai dragon need to do the optimization of the website, how to choose the most suitable for CMS optimization rules of

an article before we talked about the importance of URL optimization, so CMS system can have a static URL option is very important, the webmaster open static function, the whole system is to use static page URL, which included the web page is a great advantage.

and CMS system should also provide URL customization features, owners can define their own directory name and file name all. You can also follow the system automatically according to the number of generated documents, also can let the webmaster want the input file name.

product page use – Product Name – class name – site name, site name or product name –

, 5 page text classification


pages use classification name site name

first, the title is the most important for the optimization, so CMS system should automatically generate more suitable for the optimization of the page title, for example:

2, URL static and customized


and CMS system should also provide all the page title can manually modify the title, when needed, the webmaster can according to the key research results, to write more appropriate title. It is very necessary to function.


discussed here from Shanghai Longfeng perspective, CMS system should have what function


text writing Customization features of

said here refers to the keywords meta tag label (keyword tag) and labels (description tag). The system should be able to allow the station to call whether to keep these two tags and labels, because the search engines, if cannot generate the appropriate tag, is not to write.

CMS now to create products or articles, provide a visual WYSIWYG editing function, users can directly in the text and bold, add pictures, fill in the ALT picture captions, add a link, select the link anchor text and other functions.

3, meta tag customized

station released products or articles can enter the system automatically according to the label, label and Label Page aggregate content claims. < >

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