Analysis of Shanghai dragon optimization of user experience

: emotional help center and online customer service provided on the website, at any time to help customers solve problems, let the customer increase impression on the website. To enhance the user visit rate.

Shanghai dragon

above by the Shenzhen printing factory ( finishing. Of course, the user experience is not just a day for two days can do, webmasters need to watch your website data changes more user experience points, for the weak link website deepened, so as to improve user experience.

: browse website classification should not be too deep, when the user clicks too long without finding what they need will be tired, to jump out of the site. The paragraphs should be clear, the background color and font to coordinate, making it easier for users to watch.

: for example in providing registered website, registration is simple and easy to use, while giving the user tips to help users more easily to accept, understand and integrate into the website web site.

content: according to the website for the crowd, empathy, think the user should search, looking for what kind of content, and the content of what is more in line with this kind of people’s "appetite". Good article, add some strong correlation within the chain in the article, the column setting related recommendations and website, convenient for users to check at the same time, the increase of residence time in the user site, reduce the rate of jump out.

senses: when the user first to enter our website, printed into the eye is the site of the home page, page display is complex and confusing, should adopt the simple navigation, text and pictures to show the theme of the site, should not be too complicated. To give users find everything fresh and new feeling.

site optimization, in order to make website promotion flow, so as to achieve the effect of earnings visibility. We all know this, but the so-called Shanghai Longfeng optimization is to achieve what kind of effect? The search engine ranking front? Get more traffic? If this is the case, it would be a mistake.

a good website not only Shanghai dragon to make websites ranking, you need to make it more excellent user experience. Think about it, even if your site do the home page, the basic IP every day, but the user experience is poor, the user enters the website will not want to continue to view it, this website will be back? How will the site be better? How can give site bring benefits? So that the user experience is essential Shanghai Longfeng optimization part. So, how to make a website user experience? We can see from the following several aspects:

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