about 1000 the keyword appears 14 times

"the original not ranked" another factor is the writing or keyword layout skills, such as: the content to keep the correlation, and the title is closely consistent, not irrelevant answer. The other is the keyword density, density should be reasonable, can not be too thin, not too much work, for example, the day before yesterday wrote a "gas station haunted" article, apparently "gas station haunted" is this article main keywords, I just about to look, about 1000 the keyword appears 14 times, the 14 time is when I write this article as many as in arrangement, with daily writing experience, and did not consider what words inserted in any location, absolutely no >

is another problem, if the title of your serious homogenization, may not be very good ranking. For example: a lot of people write about Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon article certainly many, if you write an article titled "what is the anchor text, anchor text function", this title belongs to the homogenization of serious, so in no weight higher than others under the condition of the same article also you in the very back position, and even can not find. So, here also to all owners a little reminder: the title of the article is the naming skills, how to write a title is the one and only worthy of consideration.

first parenthesis: love Shanghai last night for a small update, do not know why the blog snapshot suddenly jump to September 9th, before is the snapshot every day or two, don’t know how this snapshot, no reason.

well, to the point. What "the original article why there is no ranking"? This question has certain understanding of new estimates for Shanghai dragon, but relatively one-sided. May I have often heard that, in order to improve the website ranking must be more original, so a lot of the chain, what, you think that a lot of original articles can be ranked. In fact, we said the site to do the original article, is on a search engine for the whole station, really love original content very much, the original standard is the content of your site in the search engine almost can not find or do not exist. We advocate to do the content of the original this is actually a time course of accumulation, is the website weight accumulation. Simply speaking, the weight is the site of the search engine has not been given a higher, so even if your article is original is also very difficult to get good rankings. If your website has a website for six months or a year, or even longer, the most original, then you should say the website weight is relatively high, as long as an article may have good rankings. Because you have the weight of the entire station, station also ranked the.

background statistics last night from blog to see someone "why not search the original article ranking" this phrase into the blog, then this article wrote to his friend, or for some novice friends to answer this question.