Vivianne Miedema: Arsenal striker insists she can get better after becoming all-time WSL top scorer | Football News

first_imgFriday 6th November 8:30pm Arsenal legend Ian Wright is a big fan of the club’s current prolific forward Miedema and she says the support of former players such as him is a major boost for the women’s game Miedema told Sky Sports News: “To get the 50th goal out of the way is nice and I appreciate everything said.“I’m in form and I’ve shown it over the last three seasons. I also know that I can be better than I am now and I want to look back in five or six years’ time and think ‘yeah, that was an amazing time at Arsenal’.”The WSL season was curtailed in February when the coronavirus pandemic struck, meaning players went months without the regular football activities. 0:53 – Advertisement – 1:54 Many professionals, just as millions around the country, struggled without the purpose and routine of regular life but Miedema admits the time away from the pitch has enabled her to refocus on what’s important and was what her game needed.“It’s been a bit of a rollercoaster for everyone but I really, really enjoyed lockdown. It allowed me to spend time with my family and do different things for once.“Over the last 10 seasons I haven’t had much time off and after the first three months, I wasn’t really missing it but when we got closer to coming back, I got really excited.- Advertisement – Arsenal striker Vivianne Miedema insists she can get better despite becoming the Women’s Super League all-time leading goalscorer.The forward’s hat-trick against rivals Tottenham just before the international break took her to 52 goals in England’s top division – at a rate of more than a goal a game – going ahead of Nikita Parris’ record in just 50 matches.- Advertisement – Miedema found that lockdown earlier this year gave her a chance to take a break from football and says she is now enjoying the game even more Arsenal forward Vivianne Miedema The Women’s Football Show Vivianne Miedema scored a hat-trick as Arsenal Women demolished Tottenham Women to claim the north London bragging rightsImage:Miedema scored a hat-trick as Arsenal Women demolished Tottenham Women to claim the north London bragging rights last month – Advertisement – Over the last few years, Miedema has become one of the biggest names in the sport by helping the Netherlands win the European Championships in 2017, playing in a World Cup final two years’ later, winning the WSL with Arsenal and being shortlisted for the Ballon d’Or.But the 24-year old, who is always forthright when it comes to talk of her own fame, manages to crack a smile when Ian Wright is mentioned as one of her biggest supporters.“I’m not the biggest fan of being in the spotlight but this is the way the women’s game is developing.“It’s really cool, it’s nice for the old and current professionals to bond over women’s football.“I’ve met Ian a few times online and he talks a lot but that’s good because he’s funny. It’s really good to have contact with a club legend and for someone like him to support the women’s game. “Me being on the pitch now, I feel like I’m a different person and I feel like I can enjoy it more. It’s allowed me to become a better player now.“I definitely don’t want to go into a second proper lockdown as an athlete but the time off was nice to reflect on a lot of things and I feel like I’ve benefitted from it.” Miedema will be part of the Netherlands squad to travel to Tokyo for the Olympics next summer, which will be the last tournament Sarina Wiegman leads her country before joining as England’s head coach.Miedema admits Wiegman’s next job has come up unexpectedly in the Netherlands camp, much to the amusement of the team.“She’s had a couple of moments in meeting where she’s said ‘England’ instead of ‘Netherlands’ and we’ve been laughing about it but we are just focused on what we want to achieve.“We are a dark horse. There should be a lot of countries performing better than we are, I won’t say we need to win it but we know where we stand.” Arsenal’s WSL title challenge faces a potentially season-defining run, with Manchester United, Chelsea and Manchester City all opponents during their next four league games.Miedema says she enjoyed seeing global names like Pernille Harder, Sam Mewis, Rose Lavelle, Christen Press and Tobin Heath move to England this summer and it’s a challenge she’s enjoying taking on.“I love facing good players and it’s amazing for the league with all the big players wanting to play here and it’s only going to get better over the next couple of years. It’s great to play against World Champions and amazing players who have achieved so much in Europe.“It’s still early doors, we want to build on what we’ve done. We want to be chased by the rest.” Ian Wrightlast_img read more

The Trump presidency is ending. What does that mean for Pence?

first_imgFor almost a week afterward, Mr. Pence was not seen or heard in public, though it was reported that he spent time with Mr. Trump in the Oval Office on Friday. The president is scheduled to have lunch with him on Thursday. – Advertisement – Those advisers said they would prefer that the vice president steer clear of the Trump campaign’s legal fights over the election, and so far, Mr. Pence has been careful not to repeat Mr. Trump’s most baseless attacks on the electoral system.In his brief remarks last week after election night — he kept them to 53 seconds — Mr. Pence tried to make what amounted to a non-endorsement of the president’s claim that the election was a “major fraud on our nation” into something that sounded like unquestioning support.“As the votes continue to be counted, we’re going to remain vigilant, as the president said,” Mr. Pence said at the White House. “We’re going to protect the integrity of the vote.” Mr. Pence must now balance his loyalty to an enraged president making baseless claims of voter fraud against his own political future and reputation. He also has to deal with how Mr. Trump’s talk of running for president again in 2024 could leave him with no lane to run in. It would be difficult for Mr. Pence to even start raising money if the president is floating his own name.So far, Mr. Pence appears to be handling the pressure much as he has over the past four years: appearing to be unflinchingly loyal while also steering clear of engaging in Mr. Trump’s pressure campaigns. – Advertisement – In the last few months of Mr. Pence’s vice presidency, his advisers want him focused on leading the coronavirus task force and helping the two Georgia Republicans facing runoffs that will determine whether the party maintains its Senate majority.- Advertisement – WASHINGTON — For four years, Vice President Mike Pence has walked the Trump tightrope more successfully than anyone else in the president’s orbit, staying on his good side without having to echo his most incendiary language.But in the final weeks of Mr. Pence’s term, his relationship with President Trump faces what may be its toughest challenge yet.- Advertisement –last_img read more

WHO working group grappling with virus-sharing issues

first_imgAug 1, 2007 (CIDRAP News) – Representatives from 24 countries are meeting in Singapore this week to propose solutions to virus-sharing problems that threaten to derail global monitoring of the H5N1 avian influenza virus and stall the development of new vaccines and treatments.The 5-day meeting, sponsored by the World Health Organzation (WHO), includes representatives from four countries in each of the WHO’s six regions, according to a Canadian Press (CP) report published today. Among the countries represented are Indonesia, Vietnam, Egypt, Thailand, Canada, Britain, and the United States, the CP report said.In December, Indonesia broke a long tradition of free international sharing of flu virus specimens by withholding its H5N1 virus samples as a protest against the high cost of commercial vaccines derived from such samples.In response, the World Health Assembly, at its annual meeting in May, passed a resolution requesting that the WHO establish an international stockpile of vaccines for H5N1 or other potential pandemic viruses and develop measures to ensure equitable, affordable distribution of the vaccines in the event of a pandemic.The resolution also called for creation of an interdisciplinary working group to draw up new “terms of reference” for the sharing of flu viruses by WHO collaborating centers and reference laboratories. The terms would identify the origin of influenza viruses going into the WHO Global Influenza Surveillance Network and make their use more transparent, the WHO said when the resolution was announced in May.Few details are available about the agenda for the Singapore conference. However, the text of the May WHO resolution called for an interdisciplinary working group of 24 countries to revise the terms of reference, devise oversight mechanisms, draft standard terms and conditions for sharing viruses, and review all relevant documents about sharing influenza viruses and sequencing data.The WHO had said that once finalized, the terms of reference would be submitted to an intergovernmental meeting of WHO member states and regional economic organizations. David Heymann, head of communicable diseases for the WHO, told CP that intergovernmental meeting would be held in November.In advance of the World Health Assembly, Indonesia announced it would resume sharing its virus samples. However, in June a WHO official told CIDRAP news that the agency had received only three Indonesian H5N1 samples, gathered from two patients, this year.Controversy about H5N1 virus sharing issues has worried global health officials and researchers. Some have voiced the concern that countries might claim their H5N1 samples are protected under intellectual property laws, which could hamper the monitoring of genetic mutations, the development of therapeutic products, and scientific work on a host of other pathogens.At the International Conference on Options for the Control of Influenza in Toronto in June, Keiji Fukuda of the World Health Organization’s (WHO’s) Global Influenza Programme acknowledged the difficulties officials face in finding solutions to the virus-sharing problems.”We do not know whether we will face a pandemic in a short time or a long time. Given that kind of uncertainty, I think there is a real practical want on the part of all of the parties involved not to have a long discussion and to come up with practical solutions,” he said, as reported in a previous story.See also:May 23 WHO resolution on virus sharingMay 23 CIDRAP News story “WHO adopts resolution on virus sharing”Jun 19 CIDRAP News story “Virus ownership claims could disrupt flu vaccine system”last_img read more

WHO confirms H5N1 deaths in Vietnam, Indonesia

first_imgJan 24, 2008 (CIDRAP News) – The World Health Organization (WHO) today confirmed that two more people have died of H5N1 avian influenza, a 34-year-old man from Vietnam and a 30-year-old man from Indonesia. Both cases were reported previously.The Vietnamese man, from Tuyen Quang province, about 50 miles northwest of Hanoi, got sick on Jan 10, was hospitalized 6 days later, and died on Jan 18, according to a WHO statement. He is now confirmed as the country’s 102nd H5N1 case-patient and 48th death. He was previously reported to be 32 years old.Investigators determined the man had had contact with sick and dead poultry before he became ill, the WHO said. He had slaughtered and cooked chickens and geese on his backyard farm, the Associated Press reported yesterday. The WHO said animal health officials tested poultry from his village and found they were infected with the H5N1 virus.The WHO also announced that a 30-year-old Indonesian man who was confirmed yesterday as the country’s 120th-case patient died today. His age was previously reported as 32. His death raises the WHO’s fatality total for Indonesia to 98.The man was from Tangerang, a suburb of Jakarta. He fell ill on Jan 13 and was hospitalized 6 days later, according to yesterday’s WHO statement. Investigators are trying to determine the source of his infection. The man was a sales executive at an automobile company, Indonesia’s National Committee for Avian Influenza Control and Pandemic Influenza Preparedness reported on Jan 22.The two deaths push the WHO’s global H5N1 fatality total to 221, and the Vietnamese man’s illness raises the global case count to 353.See also:Jan 24 WHO statement on Vietnamese deathJan 24 WHO statement on Indonesian deathlast_img read more

Towels, getting drunk, nudity… everything is great while the money is flowing

first_imgThis year we are witnessing various absurdities in our tourism and various events, which we can characterize as a general madness in the race for money and the destruction of our so valuable resource – tourism.We are witnessing, as every year, how tourists “reserve” their part of the beach with towels. We are witnessing a chronic lack of parking in our tourist destinations. We are witnessing how suddenly, now that we are finally famous and full of tourists, some tourists and their behavior no longer suit us. It’s great when we have a lot of money from tourists, but we wonder because they have to play music and party so loudly during the evening.Yes, it is best for tourists to just send us money, and not even come!The mentioned problems, as well as various others, are just another proof that we do not care about tourists and tourism and that we do not deal with tourism, but it still happens to us. Yes, all these problems stem from one sad fact, even though we have been in tourism for decades and still do not develop strategically.If we cared about tourists, and we should because we live from them, as well as if we cared about the long-term and strategic development of tourist destinations, we certainly would not have the mentioned problems. Is it really that hard to bring order to “book” a beach with towels. Is it really hard to hire a communal warden to buy towels in the morning and in the evening and throw them in the trash. Or better yet donate them and recycle them to get new value. Is it really that hard to clean the beaches every day, set up enough trash cans, arrange promenades, clean hedgehogs out of the shallows so children don’t step on it… Let’s not forget to talk here about the sea and the beach which is the main resource and motive for coming.Photo: Jutarnji.hrNudity and punishmentIf a tourist destination is strategically developed, then it is known what profile of tourists we want and expect, and accordingly we form a tourist product, prices, offer, content, infrastructure, etc.… Simple, right?But the problem with us is that every destination would like to have everything – from luxury tourism, families with children, retirees, young people looking for fun, etc.… Such an approach is impossible, it’s pears and apples. Each profile of tourists has its own requirements and expectations, which are totally opposite to others. For example, it is certain that families with children want something completely different from young people who attend festivals. Also, the tourists were great to us when they discovered us and started coming. We rubbed our hands and shouted just come and leave the money, not caring about long-term and sustainable development. We’ve snatched, and we’re still snatching money ourselves and not looking at what will be tomorrow. We did not develop tourist destinations and accordingly we did not set rules of conduct.Tourists behave the way we let them and the way we taught them. If I can walk around Hvar naked and get drunk for years in Novalja all night, who is to blame? Tourists or tourist destination? Of course, how can the English not behave like that in London, and the answer is very simple – because they are not allowed and it is punishable. We allowed them to do that and taught them that way because we didn’t care about the development of tourism and the destination, but we looked only at short-term interest and grabbed money from year to year. Of course, such behavior of tourists is not good and how it should be regulated and put in certain frameworks, but again with strategic planning, education and action. And don’t immediately fine them during the peak season. What message are we sending?Now we need to re-educate tourists, and this is an ongoing process, but once tourists are already there, let’s educate them for next year. Let’s communicate with travel agencies the rules of conduct, first warn once, then if necessary a second time and only then a fine. We have gone too far and some destinations have turned into real Sodom and Gomorrah not by chance, on the contrary, consciously because they have not developed strategically.The problem has been screaming for years, and no one cared. Money, money and just grab money – who cares about tomorrow.Photo: vijesti.rtl.hrParkingIf we care about our guests, shouldn’t we care where they will park their vehicles, ie will they be able to park in the destination at all? We are still primarily a destination where most tourists come by car. Now, if someone travels five to ten hours to our destination and knows that it will be difficult to find parking at the start we have a big problem.If we talk about destinations that develop primarily through tourism – living from tourism, especially those in Dalmatia whose space is further cramped due to the highway, why none of these destinations such as Vodice, Biograd na Moru, etc. kup bought and secured land above the highway and provide tourists with parking? If we are talking about destinations that have money, live from tourism and tourists, shouldn’t that be in their interest? Secured parking would solve a big problem for tourists because they would know that they do not have to look for parking after “ten” hours of driving to the destination, which is extremely frustrating. It is clear to you that tourists when they finally come to the destination, all they want is to settle down and refresh themselves in the sea, especially if you are traveling with children.Secured parking would show that you care about tourists, would employ four or more employees, would reduce the crowds in the destination, guests would descend to the destination by electric vehicles. If there was no problem with parking, guests would use their cars more often without fear of having to look for parking again, and they would visit the surrounding destinations by car and thus have a better experience of the whole region, which would further encourage tourist spending.Win-win, right? But first we have to care about tourists and tourism development.Photo: http://www.llog.eur.hrStrategic development of tourist destinations                                      All these problems are so absurd and have been repeated for years, and it is interesting how precisely because of one such absurdity in a row in our tourism, I first started writing a blog, and later started the portal is extremely dynamic, complex, heterogeneous, multidisciplinary and connects various industries vertically and horizontally. That is why it is complex and must not be developed by inertia or accident, but only strategically and sustainably. We have to ask ourselves what do we want and which tourists do we want? What is our tourism product? How do we see a destination in 5-10 years? How many destinations can receive guests daily, weekly, monthly? What is our infrastructure like? We need to start dealing with tourism, strategically, sustainably and in the long run. Tourism is a synergy of all stakeholders, and in our country, unfortunately, the opposite is true – dispersion. Everyone, with some exceptions, looks at themselves and their interests in the short term.Lots of questions, but there are answers to all those questions, of course only if we care about strategic and sustainable development. We are destroying destinations and resources, we are turning into a three-star destination for mass tourism, we are breaking records every year, we are currently in trend…. Everything is great and great, right?I wonder: Then why is tourist spending getting smaller and smaller? That is why young people move from “developed” tourist destinations? Why are fewer and fewer locals participating in the tourism product? Why do we have a labor shortage problem?This is just one small cube of our tourist mosaic and issues. He could write a book about all the problems and implications, both bad and positive. I must also mention the WiFi charge, as well as the operation of the air conditioner per hour. How far can we go and exploit tourists, charge them taxes on the air they breathe? Yet our air is clean and special. There is no end to absurdities… It just doesn’t matter that we have been draining sewage into the Plitvice Lakes National Park for years and destroying such a valuable resource, the only thing that matters is that money comes from tourists! Sad, but true, but the saddest thing is that the problem has been known for years and no one cares. The absurd is a mild word for it, but it is a picture and an opportunity of our tourism.Smart enough.last_img read more

Public call for grants based on the Eco Domus Private Accommodation Diversification Program in 2018 published

first_imgOne of the goals of the County of Istria is the sustainable development of tourism and Istria as a quality tourist destination, which is defined by the Master Plan for Tourism Development of Istria from 2015 to 2025. Following this goal, the Eco Domus program was launched, which encourages diversification and quality improvement accommodation according to the principles of sustainable and responsible tourism development.The Eco Domus program is intended for small tourist accommodation facilities that are categorized as holiday homes or as apartments with a total capacity of up to 30 beds. When choosing facilities, preference is given to renters from those areas where systematic selective waste collection and disposal is already carried out, who are registered for year-round operations and have been engaged in renting for at least 2 years.The basic characteristics of Eco Domus accommodation are: Social and environmental responsibility; Comprehensive protection of the environment and health; Use of eco-certified detergents and cleaners; Use of eco-certified toiletries; Use of natural materials; Water and energy saving, and waste sorting and recycling.The grant scheme is intended private landlords from the County of Istria who apply for the Eco Domus program and / or who already have an Eco Domus certificate. The grants are intended for co-financing the adaptation of the accommodation facility to the criteria for awarding the Eco Domus certificate, ie for the purchase of equipment and furniture for the accommodation facility (wooden chairs, deck chairs, etc.), in accordance with criterion number 10.3. Avoiding the use of plastic in all possible situations. Grants are awarded in a maximum amount of up to HRK 5.000, a applications for this public call are accepted until the available funds are used, and no later than October 31, 2018.All information, conditions and application forms for the Eco Domus program can be found HERElast_img read more

Hotel Palace becomes a member of The Leading Hotels of the World

first_imgIn 2019, Sunčani Hvar will continue with the most significant investment in its portfolio, which is the renovation of the Palace Hotel, worth 100 million kuna.  Thus, Sunčani Hvar joined The Leading Hotels of the World family in Croatia, which also includes the Hotel Monte Mulin in Rovinj, the Dubrovnik Gardens and Villa Dubrovnik in Dubrovnik, and the Ikador Luxury Boutique hotel & spa in Opatija, Ika. The guest structure of Sunny Hvar is still dominated by the emitting markets of the United States and Great Britain. The growth of guests from the USA is 26%, while in the UK it is 14% compared to the previous year. Other developed markets that are recording an increase in overnight stays are Australia, Brazil and the Scandinavian and Western European countries.  Even before its opening, this most luxurious hotel on the island became a member of the elite hotel association of luxury hotels The Leading Hotels of the World. “We are very pleased to have become a member of the prestigious group The Leading Hotels of the World, which has over 400 luxury hotels and resorts in its consortium. Hotel Palace combines the highest standards of luxury with a vision to provide guests with superior service and a unique experience, ” said Gordana Tomičić, President of the Management Board. Announcements for the season are good, and confirmed sporting events in April, such as the traditional Easter Regatta, Otillo Swimrun and Mountain Madness Croatia, mark the beginning of the season on the sunniest island in the Adriatic, point out Sunčani Hvar and add that of 4% compared to the same period last year, which is a result of the earlier opening of the hotel and the increased number of arrivals of guests who are provided with frequent catamaran lines outside the high season. Hotel Palace, Hvar Last year was the best in the history of Sunny Hvar’s business Hotel Palace, Hvar Thus, in 2018, the Company generated sales revenues of HRK 212,8 million, while gross operating profit amounted to HRK 99 million, which is an increase of 74% compared to 2017. Thanks to large investments in the portfolio in recent years and investments in 2018 worth 44 million kuna, which include the renovation of the Amfora and Adriana hotels, the best, but also the longest tourist season was recorded. In 2018, Sunčani Hvar Hotels achieved significant growth according to all indicators. Total revenues amounted to HRK 288,5 million, which is an increase of 37%.  The company achieved a significant increase in revenues from accommodation, of HRK 12,6 million, which is an increase of 11% compared to the 2017 business year. At the same time, there was an increase in the business of the food and beverage segment in the amount of HRK 7,6 million, which is an increase of 14% compared to last year.last_img read more

Cappelli: There is no room for panic, for now we do not have any cancellations for the main part of the tourist season

first_imgCappeli added that in the last two years we have a new tendency to book in tourism through last minute booking, ie guests book our arrival only in May and June for the main part of the tourist year. Gari Cappelli: There is no room for panic, the Government Headquarters manages the situation in real time and all services are fully prepared ” There is still no major decline, except of course from Eastern markets, such as China and South Korea, which is to be expected. In the first month, we had growth from the Chinese market of about 70%, and now in February we have seen a decline of 60%, so we are close to zero. Today, at the session of the Government of the Republic of Croatia, the Minister of Tourism Gari Cappelli also addressed words of reason and stated that at this moment there are 24.500 tourists in Croatia or about 3% more guests than last year at the same time. Regarding the impact of the current situation on tourism revenue, Capelli pointed out that the first three months affect somewhere around 5%, while the first six months it affects with 27% in total tourism revenue. “We need to stop any panic, big shopping trips, stocks, because we are not in such a situation or at such a stage at all.”, Also said the Prime Minister Andrej Plenković, adding that the Government will remain XNUMX% transparent and will inform the public in real time about all relevant information. Panic and the spread of mass hysteria over the coronavirus does not benefit anyone, and the voice of reason is called by many experts and scientists.center_img “So the first three months will not have a significant impact on total tourism revenues. The biggest possible cancellations that occur are in business, ie congress tourism, and these are reservations for March. Easter is earlier this year, and therefore won’t even be a true picture of what’s going to happen for the rest of the tourist season. The real picture will be shown by the situation for the May Day holidays, when the biggest arrival of tourists is when they combine the holidays. It is good that the Minister of Tourism also reacted and presented the facts, in order to stop the hysteria and stand on the ball. Raising panic is not in anyone’s interest now, but of course the seriousness dictates monitoring the situation. One of the scientists who is an expert in the field of global health is prof. dr. sc. Igor Rudan, and he addressed the public with a statement, which we are transmitting in its entirety. “For now, we do not have any cancellations for the main part of the tourist year, our markets are still stable. Positive data show that we have an increase in interest from the German market by 3%, as well as the British from 7% to 8% for this year. So for now we don’t feel any downsides other than a slight stoppage of booking, which was to be expected in this situation. There is no room for panic, the Government headquarters is managing the situation in real time and all services are fully preparedCappelli concluded. / / / IGOR RUDAN: CAUTION IS COMPLETELY ENOUGH, BUT PARANOY IS REALLY NOT NECESSARYlast_img read more

Croatia Airlines departs flights from Zagreb to Split and Dubrovnik

first_imgFollowing the decisions and instructions of the public health and civil aviation authorities, this protective measure was taken preventively by the company to reduce the potential risk of coronavirus transmission during the flight. Under the new measure, passengers should come on a flight with protective masks or face covers and use them throughout their stay in the cabin of the aircraft. Acceptable face covers include two-layer cotton face masks, medical (surgical) face masks and filter half masks with and without valve. As of May 11, Croatia Airlines (CA) will start with the partial renewal of flights within Croatia by introducing two daily flights (morning and evening) on ​​the routes Zagreb – Split – Zagreb and Zagreb – Dubrovnik – Zagreb. Currently, the only international flights are operated on the route Zagreb – Frankfurt – Zagreb, once a day.  Photo: Croatia Airlines One of these measures is and mandatory use of masks or face covers on Croatia Airlines flights As of May 4 this year, the use of protective masks or face covers is mandatory on all flights of Croatia Airlines, the national airline and a member of the Star Alliance.  CA points out that their aircraft are equipped with high-quality filters for purifying the air in the passenger cabin, which is brought from the atmosphere at a constant flow, and the air in the passenger compartment circulates vertically. With the introduction of flights Zagreb – Split and Zagreb – Dubrovnik, the national airline begins a partial renewal of air traffic within Croatia Since the beginning of the epidemiological crisis, no cases of infection have been recorded on Croatia Airlines flights, the company points out, adding that it will continue to adapt to the current situation and official decisions and instructions of public health and regulatory bodies. Find out more information for passengers regarding COVID-19 HERElast_img read more

Check in – a special article in the British Daily Mail entirely dedicated to Croatia

first_imgAll British Airways flights are operated from London Heathrow Airport, so flights to Dubrovnik (which operated from Gatwick) were transferred to Heathrow. More about the attached flights. British Airways will significantly increase the number of weekly flights to destinations in Croatia from August. See how the whole article looks in the online edition HERE “We started implementing intensive promotional campaigns on the British market in early July from the moment the British put us on the list of safe countries. In addition to advertising and invitation campaigns and informational messages about traveling to Croatia, this article will contribute to the further positioning of Croatia as a safe and desirable tourist destination in the UK. ” said the director of the Croatian National Tourist Board, Kristjan Stanicic. “From this market, we expect more intensive realization of tourist traffic, considering that numerous airlines have started operating, which connect British destinations such as London, Manchester, Liverpool, Newcastle, Birmingham, Bristol and others with Croatian airports. This is especially important for the favorite destinations of the British in Croatia, or for destinations in the central and southern parts of Dalmatia where British tourists usually stay.” Stanicic added. The promotional article presents the beauties and tourist offer of Croatia with an emphasis on nautical, eno-gastronomy, active and cultural tourism, destinations where famous world series and films were shot, and shows Croatia as a safe tourist destination.  Thus, from August 01, British Airways will increase the number of weekly flights to Zagreb, Split and Dubrovnik, and will restart flights on the route London – Pula.  BRITISH AIRWAYS INCREASES TRAFFIC TOWARDS CROATIA As we know that currently communication and a positive image of Croatia as a tourist destination is crucial, use this material to communicate on your social materials. Regardless of the fact that this is a leased media space by the CNTB, ie a promotional article, the Daily Mail is behind it, which is a good reference. From the statement of Harriet Arkell from the Daily Mail, who points out in the introduction “Charming Croatia has it all ”, Dean Lovren attached to the stories from Croatia’s hidden gems. These are all great promo stories that we have to take advantage of ourselves and invite British guests. In Croatia, according to system data eVisitor, currently residing eye six thousand British tourists, and currently most of them are in the Dubrovnik-Neretva and Split-Dalmatia counties.  Special attachment “Check in, Which comes out with a popular British daily newspaper Daily Mail, one of the best-selling publications on the British market with a daily circulation of more than a million copies and a reach of two million readers, is entirely dedicated to Croatia. BRITISH AIRWAYS INCREASES TRAFFIC TOWARDS CROATIAlast_img read more